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Pia' sReturn Loading onto Amazon,, and Smashwords today! Pia has always known she’d go back to Luke. And now that she’s eighteen, she’s returned to his ranch. She’ll take him any way she can have him, but she wants him as Daddy, the kind of daddy who takes charge, takes care, and who delivers pleasure as well as punishment. She thinks Luke is the only one who can satisfy her cravings. But she’s about to learn, Daddy’s ranch, Daddy’s rules, and that means satisfying not just Luke, but his brother Jackson.

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MarinaTripSequel to Alone Time With Him (Amazon)/Alone Time With Daddy (elsewhere)…

Dylan’s father is just the kind of Daddy eighteen-year-old Scarlett has fantasized about having. She’s played with him on the beach while Dylan was away. She’s had alone time with him in the house, giving him her body and her milk. Now, after a three-day absence and fun with Dylan, Daddy is coming home, and the three of them will make the promised trip to the marina.

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