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LaceysLessonsWSThe sequel to Suckled and Shared (Amazon)/Suckled and Shared with Daddy.

With her breasts full of milk, eighteen-year-old Lacey is still learning the rules and having fun. It’s time for her first trip off the ranch and Daddy has two stops planned—and some important lessons for Lacey.

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FunWithTrevorWSThe sequel to Shared with Trevor (Amazon)/Shared by Daddy…

Eighteen-year-old Lexxie is the woman of the ranch now. But with Daddy away, Uncle Trev wants to play—in the house, in the barn, and when guests arrive, in his workshop, where there’s even more fun to be had with Uncle Trevor.

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LilysThankYouWSLily is finally eighteen and living with her boyfriend Shaun. He’s smart, protective, possessive, a tattooed mixed martial arts fighter who took charge of her the night they met. He’s everything she needs, the only one she wants. Or so she thinks until his father shows up and Shaun hands her over, telling her to say thank you for the new house and new furniture—and making it easy for her to learn something new about herself. She needs a daddy.

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Alisa Ashe writing lesbian erotic fiction as Alix Ashe…

MakingEmmaMineWeb2Cops and donuts might be a total cliché, but in Officer Riley Thompson’s case, it’s croissants served with a non-fat mocha and a hot eyeful of Emma.

Believing Emma is straight hasn’t cooled Riley’s lust. So, when she gets an invite to dinner, Riley’s cop brain wonders why even if her body doesn’t care. There’s no way she’s going to pass up the chance to demonstrate just how good it can feel to make love with another woman.

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